Hello I’m Ishrat and welcome to my Blog!

I’m a nineteen year old guy originally from Delhi (India) but currently living in Atlanta (USA). I have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and an undying passion for the world of science, that has brought me to The Georgia Institute of Technology, for an anticipated major in Mechanical Engineering.

I’m currently a freshman here and as a part of my English 1101 course for this Fall 2016 semester, I have conceptualized and published this very blog. The regular blog posts will appear under the Posts section while all other assignments from class such as major projects and works in progress will appear on their individual pages. I will be updating this blog with regular posts from weekly classwork and will also keep the works in progress page updated with upcoming posts and projects that I am working on. I am looking forward to the work I will be doing in class and I hope to exercise the most of the Written, Oral, Visual, Electronic and Non-verbal modes of communication that the medium of this website offers to me.

Please note that all content on this website is my own, unless stated otherwise. If you wish to contact me regarding any of the information on this website, please take a look at the Contact section.

So take a look around and drop in a comment or two on any of the posts you like/dislike. I’m always looking forward to feedback!

Thank you for being here!